Beit Lessin Tower
זכרון יעקב 1, תל אביב יפו, ישראל
Model B5 80 SQM 1 Bedroom 1 Garage 2021 Year Built

The 11th Floor faces North & East.
North porch on 8.5 sqm.

Adjacent to the state square in the area of ​​the Beit Lessin Mythical Theater, inspired by the screen, one of the masterpieces seen in Tel Aviv… the Beit Lessin Tower.
The 26-story residential tower gives new meaning to the downtown living experience, an urban experience that plays itself into the rhythm of Tel Aviv. The tower was designed and designed by the architectural firm, Yaski Mor Sivan and interior architect Pitzu Kedem, Sigal Baranovitz and Irena Goldberg. Both offices chose to touch the original and create a modernist version that blends the aesthetic style of the last century’s original Lessin House. Together they created an experience of living in the heart of Tel Aviv, cultural residences.


11 Floor


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